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Our physician is a trained pediatrician and family practitioner. We provide primary care medical services, vaccinations and immunizations for infants, children and adults. We also do physical exams and medical exams for USCIS Immigration. We also provide aesthetic procedures such as botox, fillers and laser procedures to make you look your best before you travel. We are a stop before you board on to your travel destination.

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We Stock Most Vaccines

We give Hepatitis, Hepatitis B, Influenza, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), Meningococcal, Pneumococcal, Polio, Rabies, Shingles, Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis), Typhoid, Varicella, and other country specific vaccines as recommended by the CDC.

Lowest Cost – We Coordinate With Your Insurance

We bill your insurance and coordinate with your insurance benefits so that you pay the lowest cost. In case you do not have coverage, we will charge you based on the vaccine used.

We have USCIS Civil Surgeon For Immigration Exams and Vaccinations

Everything is done with quality, expediency and the lowest cost in mind with an almost 100% success rate. We will do our best to only include the immunizations you need and give you options for the lowest cost. We are open late and on Saturdays for your convenience. Even if you have Kaiser or have another primary care physician, we will coordinate with them.

Immunizations with Physician Consult

Bring with you to your visit to consult with our physicians your medical history and needed vaccinations. We will assess any issues or adverse effects for safe travel.

  • Current list of medications
  • List of destinations & countries
  • Vaccination/immunization records
  • Your health history
  • Insurance card

Quality – We Use Single Dose and Preservative Free

Care and quality from our physicians and medical staff that you can trust. We use preservative free vaccines if available. We use a single dose vaccine vial to avoid any possible infection or contamination. Our Physicians review your medical history and administer the injections. We are not a shopping center or an outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Consultations

Why Should I Consult With a Doctor Who Specializes in Travel Medicine Before I Travel?

In most instances, travel to a foreign country exposes you to a set of pathogens and parasites that are endemic to the area. You may or may not have immunity against diseases caused by these endemic pathogens. The purpose of a travel consultation is both to understand the possible risks from infectious diseases when traveling, as well as the precautions you can take (including medicines and vaccinations) to avoid getting sick.

How is Silicon Valley Medical Clinic Different Than My Doctor?

Primary care physicians or travel inexperienced physicians may recommend excessive vaccination and prescriptions that may not be needed (and in fact, we see many patients who have been told to get vaccinated but actually do not need vaccination). Our clinic physicians are familiar with CDC Travel guidelines and are experts in travel health challenges overseas. With knowledge of your health history and travel plans, we can find the best and safest medicines and vaccines for your needs. Our knowledge of non-vaccine and non-prescription preventative health measures is not comparable to that offered by websites or other non-travel providers. We will give you specialized common sense tips for your health when traveling overseas. We stock most of the vaccines for your convenience. Our physicians administer all vaccine injections.

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

On average, consultations run from 20 to 45 minutes, depending upon the number of people being seen and your itinerary. Vaccinations are given after the consultation. We require you to stay for a few minutes after your vaccinations. Allow at least one hour for the physician consultation, vaccine administration and observation period. Appointments can be made online 24×7. We recommend that you visit us 2 weeks in advance so that vaccines and/or medications can take effect and immunity be well developed. Some medications you need to take for one week to become fully effective and protect you the best.

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Do You Bill My insurance?

Yes, we coordinate benefits with your insurance company and can bill your insurance company. You will pay for services at the time of visit and we will credit you back any charges paid by your insurance. We want to keep your cost to a minimum.

The majority of insurance companies will not pay for just a pre-travel consultation and vaccination, and those who do pay, will not reimburse for our full vaccine costs. If you did not have a physical exam in the last year with your present insurance, we can do your physical exam and assess your vaccination and travel needs. Depending upon your co-pays and annual deductible, insurance will pay only whatever is covered. Usually, vaccines are covered by most insurances. If you have traveler insurance plans, coverage is limited to hospital charges and ER visits. You are responsible for any unpaid charges.

We are competitive in pricing. Our consult and vaccines are administered by a physician with unparalleled quality and service you can expect from us.

Do I Need a Travel Consultation if I Am Visiting My Country of Origin?

Immunity is not life-long. Individuals returning to the country where they were born or raised have the highest rate of acquiring travel-related illness. Individuals returning to visit family and relatives are more likely to visit less developed areas, eat potentially contaminated food and drink from water sources that are incompletely treated.

If you have travel insurance from other countries, physician sick or well visits may not be covered. But we have transparent and competitive pricing. Please feel free to contact us at (408) 945-0300.

Why Should I Have a Consultation if Vaccines Are Not "Required" by the Country?

If you are traveling to Western Europe, Canada, Singapore or Japan, travel consultations are usually not needed for healthy adults. Individuals with special health concerns or long itineraries may find a consultation helpful.

Travel to Central America (including Mexico), South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, India, and China is worthy of consultation even if vaccines are not “required” as there are many other possible travel-related illnesses.

How Long Before I Travel Should I Make an Appointment?

You should see us about four weeks before you travel if vaccines are likely to be needed. It requires three to four weeks for your body to develop full protective immunity after the vaccination is completed. Thus, it is best to have vaccines started at least two weeks before you travel. On infrequent occasions we may advise you to not travel or modify your travel plans because of your specific health concerns or health history.

If you are planning to have a cosmetic procedure to look your best for a special event, start a month or two earlier than your travel.

What Can I Do if I Have Less Than Two Week Before I Travel?

If you have less than two weeks before your trip, a consultation may be of benefit; depending on how long you are traveling and where you are going. Same day appointments are usually available.

Most vaccines will not be effective for two to three weeks unless you have had prior immunization with the specific vaccine. However, vaccination prior to exposure is better than no protection. Older patients may be a candidate for immunoglobulin for prevention against Hepatitis A.

Prescriptions also may be needed for malaria protection and travelers’ diarrhea treatment. If your trip is longer than three weeks from the time of the vaccine administration, then vaccines will be of benefit. The advice on non-prescription health prevention measures may be especially beneficial for those not receiving vaccinations.

We will go over in your consult how to minimize risks to your health while you are traveling.

What Information Should I Bring for My Appointment?

Please bring your medical history and any allergies. You may pre-fill the form out on our patient portal website, to save you time.

You should bring your itinerary, including dates of stay in each country. It is very helpful to have the exact names of provinces and cities, as our database uses specific place names to identify areas of endemic tropical diseases. You should have a good idea of the types of activities you will be undertaking and any possible side excursions you are considering. You will need to let us know your immunization history, so it is helpful to bring your immunization record, if available. You should also be prepared to detail your health history and medications being used and any vaccine or medication allergies.

What is the Difference Between Required and Recommended Vaccinations?

In general, “Required vaccinations” are for the protection of the visited country against the disease you might bring into their country. “Recommended vaccines” are ones that you should have for your own health protection. Yellow Fever Vaccine is required for travel to some countries whose mosquitoes could acquire the disease from you, if you are not protected from this disease; however you should also consider other vaccines for your protection such as typhoid, Hepatitis A, and others in countries that require only Yellow Fever vaccination.

During your consult, the physician will recommend your best plans based on your health history, travel plan, cost and other concerns.

Are There Side Effects From the Vaccines and Medications?

Any medication taken has some side effects. During our consult, the physician will address any such concerns and weigh benefits vs side effects and present you with a choice.

Most vaccines have minimal side effects beyond a slightly sore arm at the injection site. Persons being vaccinated will receive a vaccine information sheet (VIS), which describes the benefits, and possible common and uncommon side effects. You need to inform us of any prior history of adverse vaccine reactions.

Vaccine Information Sheets are available on the web at

What is the Cost of the Vaccines?

We are sensitive to our patients’ out of pocket cost. We do coordinate benefits with your insurance company. If you are self-pay due to not having insurance benefit, having high deductibles or copay, we will charge you the lowest price. All our pricing is transparent and upfront. Please feel free to contact us and we can give you an estimate prior to your visit. You can also look at our vaccination price info.

Please call for specific pricing information. Manufacturer’s prices change frequently. We try to purchase vaccines at the lowest cost to keep your expenses down.

We value great quality and safety. We purchase preservative FREE vaccines whenever possible and purchase single dose disposal vials and syringes to avoid any risk of infection or variation in dose measurement. Our physicians personally administer and oversee the vaccination process.

Are Malaria Medicines Needed? Are These Dangerous to Take?

Immunity to malaria does not prevent you from acquiring the disease again. Immunity is incomplete and declines with time. Even if you had the disease before or were raised in a country with malaria, you need to take precautions and medications.

Are the malaria medicines dangerous to take?

Adverse effects of the anti-malarial medications are specific to the medicine being used and one’s own health history and potential adverse drug interactions. Aralen (chloroquine), Malarone (atavoquone/proguanil) and Vibramycin (doxycycline) are generally very well tolerated. Larium (mefloquine) has a reputation for major adverse reactions. Please see our Malaria information for more specific information. (References)

Where Can I Find Out About Travel Medicine and Vaccine Recommendations?

The most comprehensive website is the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Note that travel destination information is country specific, and not tailored to any individual.

Visit the CDC

How Can I Make a Travel Consult With a Physician?

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